EWME 2018

24th - 26th Sep

12th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education

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  • Submission Deadline: 06.07.2018
  • Extended Deadline: 13.07.2018
  • Author Notification: 31.08.2018
  • Camera Ready: 14.09.2018
  • Workshop: Sep 24-26. 2018

Previous Workshops
  • EWME 2016 - Southampton, UK
  • EWME 2014 - Tallinn, Estonia
  • EWME 2012 - Grenoble, France
  • EWME 2010 - Darmstadt, Germany
  • EWME 2008 - Budapest, Hungary
  • EWME 2006 - Stockholm, Sweden
  • EWME 2004 - Lausanne, Switzerland
  • EWME 2002 - Vigo, Spain
  • EWME 2000 - Aix-en-Provence, France
  • EWME 1998 - Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
  • EWME 1996 - Grenoble, France



EWME 2018 is the 12th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education. The previous ones were held in Southampton (2016), Tallinn (2014), Grenoble (1996, 2012), Darmstadt (2010), Budapest (2008), Stockholm (2006), Lausanne (2004), Vigo (2002), Aix-en-Provence (2000), and Noordwijkerhout (1998). This is the second time that the Workshop has been held within Germany. EWME is held every second year in Europe, while MSE (Microelectronic Systems Education) is held every other year in the USA.

EWME 2018 will take place in Braunschweig. The workshop location is sited at Technische Universität Braunschweig, one of the oldest Technical Universities in Germany and member of the TU9 Association of Technical Universities. The origins of TU Braunschweig go back to the Collegium Carolinum, which was founded by Duke Carl I in 1745. It was renamed "Polytechnische Schule" (Polytechnical College) in 1862, before becoming "Herzogliche Technische Hochschule Carolo-Wilhelmina" (Ducal Technical College Carolo-Wilhelmina) in 1878. When a faculty of law and a faculty of philosophy were added, it developed from a technical college into an Institute of Technology. One of its many distinguished alumni was the "Prince of Mathematicians" Carl Friedrich Gauß, born in Braunschweig in 1777.

EWME 2018 is organised by the Chair for Chip Design for Embedded Computing (C3E) at TU Braunschweig in close cooperation with the Institute of Computer Engineering (ITI) of Univ. of Lübeck.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum to exchange ideas and to discuss:

Innovative Course Design Development

  • Novel courses, laboratories and design projects
  • Globalization and international education
  • The future of microelectronics education
  • Use of multimedia in microelectronics education
  • Long-distance and continuous microelectronics education
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Exchange programs (compatibility of curricula, etc)

Enhancing Student Experience
  • Innovative assessment approaches
  • Novel feedback methods
  • Innovative teaching for multi-cultural cohorts

Industry Collaboration Technological Advances
  • Industrial roadmaps & electronics education
  • Entrepreneurship in micro- and nano electronics
  • Innovation in microelectronics
  • Emerging fields in microelectronics technology
  • Industrial-university educational collaboration

In order to broaden the general perspective and give hands-on experiences, EWME 2018 features number of topic-specific sessions. Authors are highly encouraged to submit contributions in line with these sessions:

  1. System-level design
  2. New study programs in microelectronic and systems design education
  3. The role of autonomous vehicles in education
  4. Dissemination from a collaborative research project into education
  5. Education for System Security
  6. Nanoelectronic training and education

High quality technical articles are solicited, describing previously unpublished work that is not currently under review. Submission instructions can be found on the EWME 2018 website. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore Digital library.

Further information can be found on the conference website at http://ewme2018.iti.uni-luebeck.de

Questions and queries should be directed to the Workshop admin at ewme2018@easychair.org.