EWME 2018

24th - 26th Sep

12th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education

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Full Programme

The full EWME 2018 programme is shown below: (dowload here)

Monday 24th September

12:00-13:00 Registration, Lunch and Opening

Keynote: Said Hamdioui, TU Delft
Computation-in-Memory: Beyond CMOS and Beyond Von Neumann

14:00-14:30 Coffee Break

Session 1: Courses and Curricula A

  14:30 Open Access Microelectronics Course,
Joerg Vollrath
  14:50 Course: Energy Efficiency in Embedded Systems - A System-Level Perspective for Computer Scientists,
Ulf Kulau
  15:10 Autonomous Driving in the Curriculum of Computer Architecture,
Sebastian Rachuj, Marc Reichenbach, Steffen Vaas and Dietmar Fey
  15:30 Study Program "Robotics and Autonomous Systems" at the University of Lübeck,
Christian Herzog, Till Tantau and Philipp Rostalski
  15:50 Reliability, Safety and Security of the Electronics in Automated Driving Vehicles - Joint Lab Lecturing Approach,
Milos Krstic and Anne-Kristin Jentzsch
16:10-16:40 Coffee Break

Session 2: Tools, Frameworks and Demonstrators A

  16:40 A Model Railway based Demonstrator for Saftey-Critical Systems,
Peter Roessler, Roland Hoeller, Christopher Reisner, Felix Schroen and Ekaterina Ewers
  17:00 MoMoViLab - A Cloud Based Modular and Mobile Virtual Lab,
Florian Hock, Nicolas Roeser, Sven Patrick Meier and Frank Slomka
  17:20 An autonomous robot for Embedded Systems and Robotics,
Ferdinand Englberger, Thomas Latzel and Prodromos Sotiriadis
  17:40 An HTML5-based Interactive Simulation Tool for Teaching and Self-Study of Electronic Circuits,
Jan Haase

Tuesday 25th September


Keynote: Knut Hufeld, Infineon
Automotive High-Perfomance Computing

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

Keynote: Anton Klotz, Cadence
Cadence Academic Network - Extending the Cadence Ecosystem into the Academic World


Session 3: Special Session on Cadence Academic Network

  11:15 Invited talk: John McLean, Europractice
  11:35 RESCUE: Cross-Sectoral PhD Training Concept for Interdependent Reliability, Security and Quality,
Heinrich Theodor Vierhaus, Maksim Jenihhin and Matteo Sonza Reorda
  11:55 EDA Tools Usage and Tutorial Authoring for Basic Electronic Circuits Education,
Jad G. Atallah
  12:15 Certified Integrated Circuit Design Lab - obtaining the certificate and the benefits of having it,
Marek Wojcikowski
12:35-13:35 Lunch Break

Session 4: Special Session on Hardware Security Education

  13:35 Hardware-oriented Security in a Computer Science Curriculum,
Ilia Polian and Maël Gay
  13:55 The earlier the better: explaining hardware and CPS security in high-schools,
Francesco Regazzoni
  14:15 Teaching HW/SW codesign with a Zynq ARM/FPGA SoC,
Josep Balasch, Arthur Beckers, Dusan Bozilov, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Furkan Turan and Ingrid Verbauwhede
  14:35 Exploring Embedded Software with Side Channels and Fault Analysis,
Kerstin Lemke-Rust and Peter Samarin
14:55-15:25 Coffee Break

Session 5: Courses and Curricula B

  15:25 Combining analog and digital electronics in a hands-on introductory course,
Nele Mentens and Ronald Thoelen
  15:45 Electronic Automotive and Aerospace Systems - a Master Programme on electronics design for safety critical applications,
Harald Michalik and Holger Dinse
  16:05 IT Security in Lübeck -- The design of a modern and future-proof security curriculum,
Marc Stelzner and Thomas Eisenbarth
16:25-... Social Event

Wednesday 26th September


Session 6: Educational Approaches

  9:00 A Gamification Concept for Teaching Swarm Robotics,
Heiko Hamann, Carlo Pinciroli and Sebastian von Mammen
  9:20 Distance Learning Laboratory Course on Embedded Systems,
Jörg Lenhardt and Andreas Kleimann
  09:40 The Carolo-Cup Student Competition: Involving Students with Automated Driving,
Marcus Nolte, Thomas Form, Susanne Ernst, Robert Graubohm and Markus Maurer
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

Session 7: Tools, Frameworks and Demonstrators B

  10:30 In-Plane SOI MEMS as a Mechanical Material for Time and Frequency Studies on Vibration,
Yoshio Mita, Eric Lebrasseur and Akio Higo
  10:50 Controlling Concurrent Change: Managing In-Field Change in Critical Embedded Systems,
Mischa Möstl, Johannes Schlatow, Jonas Peeck, Rolf Ernst, Marcus Nolte, Inga Jatzkowski, Markus Maurer and Anna Jankowski
  11:10 Automated laboratory breadboards for studying materials and elements of microelectronics,
Yakovtseva Valentina and Vladimir Schulgov

Wrap-up and Closing